Math 499, Senior Colloquium

Autumn 2016

Instructor: Brian Sittinger
Office: Bell Tower 2840
Office hours: MTu 12:15 - 1:15 PM and by appointment.
Email: brian.sittinger (AT) csuci (DOT) edu
Web page:

Time and place:
M 4:30 - 5:20 PM at Del Notre 1530


For practice Math Subject GRE tests and solutions, please click here.

For previous Putnam Exams and solutions, click here (1995-present) or here (1938-2003).

(check periodically for updates)
DateTitle/TopicSpeaker (if there is one)
29 AugustOverview
5 SeptemberUniversity Holiday
12 SeptemberExperiences at CERN Mr. Taylor Dinkins
19 SeptemberAn Introduction to Fractal Geometry Dr. John Rock
26 SeptemberMath Subject GRE practice
3 OctoberPutnam Exam practice ( Problem set 1 )
10 OctoberAn In-Depth Look at Our Old Friend: The Exponential Function Dr. Alicia Machuca
17 OctoberPutnam Presentations
24 OctoberPutnam Presentations and more practice ( Problem set 2 )
31 OctoberPutnam Presentations
7 NovemberPutnam Presentations
14 NovemberPutnam Presentations
21 NovemberThree Ways of Generalizing Unique Factorization DomainsDr. Hwankoo Kim
28 NovemberPutnam Presentations and more practice ( Problem set 3 )
5 DecemberTeacher PresentationsVarious

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