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  • February 15, 2017: Complete applications received by this date will receive full consideration.

Rolling admissions will be offered beginning March 1. Please be patient: it typically takes several weeks to build our research groups, and offers are forthcoming during the entire process. Feel free to inquire about your status if you need information to make decisions.

The CSU Channel Islands Mathematics REU will honor the Math REU Common Deadline: students accepted to the program will not be asked to commit before March 8, 2017. Programs honoring this deadline allow students to freely choose between all REU acceptances received by that point.



Undergraduates majoring in the mathematical sciences who will not have graduated before August, 2017.

U.S. citizenship or permanent residence is required for paid positions. Members of minorities underrepresented in the mathematical sciences, women, and native Spanish speakers are particularly encouraged to apply. We expect to admit one UAEH student and one AB540 student. International students studying in the U.S. may apply but are not eligible for funding.



Students will ideally have one or more upper division proof-based mathematics courses. See the project descriptions for additional project-specific prerequistes.


To Apply:

The application packet consists of an online application, transcripts, and two letters of recommendation by faculty members who know you well.
  • Application (electronic form here) Once you begin the application there is no way to save your work. See the questions below so you can prepare reflective answers prior to working online.
  • Transcripts: Send unofficial copies of all college transcripts to the REU, as attachments to e-mail ( Please do not send links. Scans of printed copies are acceptable. Label files with lastname, firstname. Students accepted to the program should be prepared to send official copies.
  • Letters of recommendation:┬áPlease arrange for two letters of recommendation by faculty members who know you well to be sent -- from the faculty member's professional account -- to Your name should be the subject of the e-mail. Please ask your faculty to address the following items.
    • duration and nature of acquaintance with student
    • assessment of student's mathematical talend and/or potential (how demonstrated?)
    • assessment of student's mastery of sufficient mathematical background for selected project(s)
    • any extra information the recommender believes is pertinent

Application Questions:

Basic Information: Name; Address; College/ University; Expected Graduation Date (Month & Year); Major(s) (and any minors); E-mail Address; Phone Number

Demographics (all items optional): Gender; Father's highest educational level; Mother's highest educational level; Family annual income (under $40K, [$40K, $80K), [$80K, $150K$), more than $150K); Native language; other languages; "Use this space as needed/ desired for explanations regarding any items on this page."

Academic Information:

  1. Why are you interested in carrying out mathematical research?
  2. Do you have any experience with mathematical research? If so, please provide details.
  3. What are your mathematical interests?
  4. [You'll find a question about each of the project topics, asking your feelings about working on each project. Be sure to read the project descriptions and decide which you'd interested in working on -- and why! -- before completing your application.]
  5. Use this space to explain your choices regarding the research projects.
  6. What makes you a good fit for the CSU Channel Islands Mathematics REU?
  7. If you were not studying math in college, what would you be studying?
  8. Please provide a list of the mathematics classes you have taken, when you took each, the grade you received, and any comments you'd like to include.
  9. Overall GPA
  10. Please provide the name, e-mail address, and phone number of the two faculty members whom you've asked to provide you e-mailed letters of recommendation.
  11. Is there any other information you'd like us to consider as part of your application?