CSU Channel Islands and the 2016 SACNAS National Conference

2014 CI group pic

What, When, Why Travel Details

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What, When, Why?

SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM. The 2016 SACNAS National Conference is October 13 – 15 in Long Beach, CA. CI Students attending the 2015 SACNAS National Conference found the following activities valuable:

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Applying for CI Funding

Criteria for evaluating applications:

  1. Has the applicant informed him/herself as to what SACNAS is and how he/ she might benefit from attending?
  2. Has the applicant reviewed the conference scheduled and indicated events he/ she intends to participate in?
  3. Has the applicant assessed his/ her ability to miss classes, work, family life, etc. for the length of the conference and indicated plans to manage being away during this time?
  4. Has the applicant, by submitting a complete and careful application, convinced the readers that he/ she will honor his/ her commitment to the conference and the organizing process?

Possibilities for learning more and preparing a strong application:

  1. CI Information Meetings (questions and answers): Wed., Sept. 7, 7 – 8 pm, ELD 140 and Thurs., Sept. 9, 2 – 3 pm, ELD 140 (optional)
  2. Online videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSTYnN-PxG8b5gnrk005SiJ20SsPPQYLV, #1 and #4 recommended.
  3. Talk to other CI students who’ve attended! (Who do you recognize in the 2014 and 2015 group pictures?) CI SACNAS Chapter Officers are also happy to talk with you.
  4. Talk with faculty who’ve attended! Drs. Flores, Bañuelos, Wyels will be happy to talk to you.

Apply here! Priority Deadline: Sept. 14. Absolute Deadline: Sept. 21.

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Benefits and Expectations

The Application page provides ideas to inform yourself regarding the benefits of attending SACNAS.

Benefits pertaining to CI funding:

Expectations pertaining to CI funding:

CI at 2014 booth

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Your CI SACNAS Chapter Officers!

CI SACNAS group 2015

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Travel Details

Finally! This has been a challenge: thanks for your patience and for completing surveys, etc. The links below should contain all the travel info needed.

General Info

Group contacts; group photo; map of Long Beach; invitation to a UC/CSU mixer; cautionary words...

Info about the CI Booth

Schedule and What to Expect at link above. Also, stop by the booth to get a small dolphin logo for your badge! (CI proud!)


Rooming Assignments; how we'll pay for things, etc.


How different groups will get to/ from SACNAS, how we'll pay for things, etc.


Preparing for and Getting the Most out of your Conference Attendance! Compiled by your CI SACNAS Chapter officers.


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