CI at SACNAS Workshop Materials and Resources

Advice compiled by your CI SACNAS Chapter Officers


Scheduling/Managing Time

  1. Install SACNAS app (link) on phone to gain access to the full SACNAS schedule, list of attendees, talks, times and locations of talks, etc. You have an "add to schedule" option for each talk to receive a reminder of where you need to be and at what time you need to be there. Also try to coordinate what talks you plan to attend with other CI students to maximize amount of information obtained from each talk (i.e. Vivian attends one talk, Stephanie attends a different talk scheduled at the same time, and they convene at the end of the conference to share what they learned)
  2. Create an itinerary containing train departure/arrival, check in/check out of hotel, meal times, graduate fair, research presentations, Pow Wow, Pachanga, conversations with scientists, touristing, etc.
  3. Explore the convention center before the conference. Beat the conference rush by finding the rooms where talks are taking place the day/night you arrive.
  4. Take breaks when you're there! The conference can be physically demanding, so if you get tired, plan to set aside time to get a quick rest. Drink a lot of water, get some air, and maybe even return to your hotel room for a quick nap if you have to!
  5. Set aside time to explore the city! The convention center is within walking distance of many tourist spots listed here:


Elevator Pitches

  1. Elevator pitches should be 20-30 seconds long and approximately 8-10 sentences.
  2. Start by introducing yourself (i.e. name, major, school).
  3. Be sure to include current involvement in research or future aspirations/goals if you don't have any research experience.
  4. Finish with an insightful question, which can be anything about (these are just examples):
    1.  Your audience's research
    2.  How your audience got to where they are
    3.  Be sure to follow up with them via email or over coffee
  5. Have elevator pitch ready for the conference and make sure you practice it!



Refer to Natasha's fashion tips

Resumes, CVs, and business cards

Here's the link to our presentation from workshop #1:

And more!

Also, here's a link that summarizes all of the above, straight from the SACNAS website:

Offer of Help!

If you need any help with formatting resumes, CVs, and/or business cards, or clarification on anything we talked about in the workshops, feel free to contact Krisha Algoso, any of the SACNAS Chapter officers, or anyone from the CI to SACNAS team!

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