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This website is a companion to the book The Art of Understanding Art (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012). It includes links to images analyzed but not illustrated in the text and additional information related to specific topics discussed. The material is arranged in the same order as in the book.
To find the information online, find the chapter, click on the section (in blue) this will open another page with the links. The page number from the book is included on that page.
Please note that while the website contains valuable resources that could be used separate from the text, this website is not intended as an independent project. While all efforts will be made to update the links, changes online occur very often. The information and images can be easily found by doing a
search using the terms, names and/or titles. See also the tab The Connection
on this website for additional online resources.

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the art of understanding art
is a truly innovative textbook that presents and explains “behind-the-scenes” activities, methods, and tools involved in the creation, dissemination, analysis, and interpretation of art. Addressing topics not usually covered in traditional introductory texts – provenance, art conservation, art classification, primary and secondary textual research sources, museums and the web, copyrights – the book is a comprehensive guide to deciphering and appreciating the riotous visual world that is now the backdrop to our daily lives.
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