Four methods to convert a logo picture into

A pdf transparent file.



First you need a picture in some format. The following ways of converting pictures vary, select the one that fits your needs.


You want transparency? Method 1 (*):

Your logo must be in eps or ps format and must be already transparent.
 (I think APS ghostcript can convert mostly any picture into eps transparent, I am not sure how though).  You also need ghostview (free).

       Open Ghostview  and open your logo file.

       Under File, select Convert.

       Make sure the PDFwrite is selected

Click Ok, and select a name for your pdf-file.




You want pdf transparency? Method 2(*):

(Latex (free) and WinEdt (shareware) required.

Now there is another way of converting a logo (your logo might not be transparent)

from eps or ps to pdf, the advantage is that your logo becomes transparent automatically: Suppose your logo has a name: dolphin and it is located at c:\peter\dolphin.eps

(in the following example I added a word to my logo to create a new logo) This is what you need to do:

1.   Latex the following file and name it logo.tex







\ \vspace{19cm}


\hspace{-3cm}  $\logo$ & \begin{tabular}{c}

            {\hspace{-.4cm}\Huge \textbf{ I love Dolphins}}  \  \\ \\ \\





2.   Once you are satisfied with the output, do a dvitopdf under winedt: Done! Your logo is now logo.pdf and it is pdf-transparent!!!!!!!!!! (If this option works for you and you love it, send me an e-mail to, it is my invention)

3.   Note: I think you can also achieve the same even if you file is in jpg format, but instead of using  {\epsfig{figure=c:/peter/dolphin.eps,width=100pt}} you will

Use the corresponding instruction to include pictures in jpg format.


You want pdf transparency? Method 3:

There is another way of transforming pictures in any format into pdf format, via the following web-site:

   The only problem with this web-site is that if the picture is not transparent the output is not transparent, it is if the original picture is gif-transparent.



You want pdf transparency? Method 4:

There is another way of converting a picture in several formats into pdf format:

    You need to download three pieces of software: Pdf995, PdfEdit995 and Signature995 at the website:  you first install them. Now how do you use them? Read this: open

a word document, insert you logo (gift-transparent) and resize it until you are satisfied, now you can add words etc, now go to: file and select the option print, select the option pdf995 and click ok this will take you to save your logo into a pdf file! The quality of the picture sometimes is not good.


Note,  gimp (free software) can save any picture into eps format (among many others).