Renny Christopher

Professor of English
California State University Channel Islands
Office:  West Belltower 2165; ext. 8994
Photos of my officeand me with my boss (I wish!)

China Travel Journal:
China Travel Journal, July 2004

Particularly Cool courses from the past:
English 5700: The Mind, The Body, The Machine
Gender Studies 4530/English 4530: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Literature
English 3940 Multicultural American Literature
English 4990 Senior Seminar: Literature, Class, and Culture

Spring 2000:
Visiting professor, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona
Photos from Spain: University of Barcelona; Street artists; Federico Garcia Lorca's house

Writing Projects:
The Viet Nam War/The American War: Images and Representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese Exile Narratives
Viet Nam and California (poetry)
My Name is Medea (poetry)
Longing Fervently for Revolution (poetry)
Love That is a Commitment to the World (poetry)
Working Class Lives and Cultures (special issue of Women's Studies Quarterly)
A Carpenter's Daughter (autobiography)
A Different Sort of Heroism