Roger A. Roybal
Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, CSU Channel Islands

Office: Bell Tower East 1796
Hours: T 4:30-5:20, BTE1796
W 2:00-2:50 BTE1796
M-Th 3:00-4:15 OJA1972
or by appointment
Hours for the first week of classes are held in BTE1796.
Phone: (805) 437-2741


Fall 2018

Math 250, Calculus 3
Math 331, History of Mathematics
Previous semesters

Functional Analysis
Measure Theory and Probabalistic Methods
History of Mathematics
Calculus III
Probability and Statistics
Calculus I
Real Analysis
Calculus II
Linear Algebra
Business Calculus
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
Intermediate Algebra


My main areas of interest are multivariable operator theory and multidimensional moment problems. Through the study of moment problems I have also been looking at real algebraic geometry and various applications of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. I received my Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara in 2005 under the guidance of Mihai Putinar.


[2] Roger A. Roybal, Joint defect index of a cyclic tuple of symmetric operators, Recent progress in operator theory and its applictions, 255-261, Oper. Theory Adv. Appl., 220, Birkhäuser/Springer Basel AG, Basel, 2012.
[1] Roger A. Roybal, A reproducing kernel condition for indeterminacy in the multidimensional moment problem, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 135 (2007), 3967-3975.

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