Calleguas Creek Riparian Restoration


Funding: pending        Collaborators: Coastal Restoration Consultants, California Coastal Conservancy, Southern California Wetland Recovery Project

Restoring floodplain wetlands at the edge of the Oxnard Plain

    Camarillo Regional Park is located in the Calleguas Creek watershed in Ventura County, California and adjacent to the campus of California State University Channel Islands.  This watershed drains approximately 68,376 hectares (264 square miles) of western Los Angeles County and eastern Ventura County.  The hydrology and sediment dynamics of Calleguas Creek have been substantially altered in the last century by agriculture and development.     

    Currently, Calleguas Creek is separated from historic floodplain areas in Camarillo Regional Park by artificial levees constructed for flood control purposes several decades ago.  The wetland functions in the Southern Valley of the site have been greatly reduced by isolation from stream processes and by the placement of large amounts of fill dirt in the wetland basin itself.  The current extent of US Army Corps jurisdictional wetlands in the Southern Valley (mapped by DMEC 2004) is roughly 35 acres. 

    Our conceptual restoration proposal focuses on actions that will restore natural abiotic processes, especially landforms and hydrology, in the Southern Valley.  With these processes restored, biotic processes related to wetland and riparian vegetation can successfully be restored and enhanced within the low-lying areas of the valley.  Our restoration goals and actions for Camarillo Regional Park are based on the conceptual design for the “Wetlands Expansion Project” alternative given in David Magney Environmental Consulting’s 2004 report, Wetland Functional Assessment of the Camarillo Regional Park Wetlands and Golf Course Projects, Ventura County, California.  We seek to approximately double the extent of remnant wetlands while simultaneously improve the overall wetland functioning of all remnant wetlands.