Latin America: The Invisible Continent

OLLI, Fall 2017

Stephen Clark



Week One: Aug. 28: Introduction

1. Latin America in circles   (espa–ol)


2. Bolivian midwives help reduce maternal mortality    (espa–ol)



Week Two: Sept. 11: Pre-Hispanic Civilizations

       1. Dr. QŐs Hands        (espa–ol)

2. A childŐs scraped knee a life or death matter in Venezuela  (espa–ol)

 Week Three: Sept. 18: Pre-Hispanic Civilizations


1. The indigenous peoples: rich or poor? (espa–ol)


2. Ant eggs and wild boar knuckles: this was Montezuma’s diet 500 years ago (espa–ol)


Week Four: Sept. 25: Historical Overview


1. Lives Below Minimum in Mexico City (espa–ol)


2. Southern Mexico Lags Behind (espa–ol)



Week Five: Oct. 2: Historical Overview


1. Millenials in Latin America (español)


2. The Mapuche of Chile: Struggle for Territorial Rights and Justice


Week Six: Oct. 9: Historical Overview


1. In Venezuela they were doctors and teachers, now… (espa–ol)


2. Puerto Rico's endless waiting game


Week Seven: Oct. 16: Education


1. Racial inequality in Cuba despite revolution

2. Earthquakes in the time of the Aztecs (espa–ol)



Week Eight: Oct. 23: Women in Latin America

Chapter 1 of Sab by Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (espa–ol)


In Mexico, notorious for bad education, teachers make big bucks