OLLI: "Cuba 101"
Spring 2016
Prof. Stephen Clark

Pastelitos de Guayaba
Bistec de Palomilla

For each class session I have assigned short readings to give us insight into Cuban history and culture. These are brief stories by Cuba's greatest writers, along with one recent newspaper article or opinion column per class. Please read the assigned texts before the date listed. For example, on March 28 we will be discussing the readings assigned under the heading of "Week Two (March 28): Colonial Cuba." Please bring to class your questions and any observations you may have regarding the texts.

Week Two (March 28): Colonial Cuba

Story #1: "Heroism in the Hills" by Enrique Serpa (español)

Story #2: "Black and Red" by Alfonso Hernández Catá (español)

Article: "Cuba and the Hope for Democracy" by Frank Calzón (español)

Week Three (April 4): Post-Independence/Pre-Revolution

Story #1: "The Guardarraya" by Luis Felipe Rodríguez (español)

Story #2: "The Walk" by Calvert Casey (español)

Article: "Cuba in Transition" by Uva de Aragón (español)

Week Four (April 11): Post-Revolutionary Fervor

Story #1: "Time for Change" by Manuel Cofiño (español)

Story #2: "A Flower for Maura" Luis Rogelio Nogueras (español)

Article: "The Revenge of Rock in Havana" by Andrés Reynaldo (español)

Week Five (April 18): Life in Revolutionary Cuba I

Story #1: "Like a True Little Scholar" by Senel Paz (español)

Story #2: "Kid Bururú and the Cannibals" by Mirta Yáñez (español)

Article: "Facism, Cuban Style" by Daniel Morcate (español)

Week Six (April 25): Life in Revolutionary Cuba II

Story #1: "Sonatina for Rafaela" by Leonardo Padura Fuentes (español)

Story #2: "The Wall" by Leonardo Padura Fuentes (español)

Article: "What Cubans Don't Know, and Don't Know They Don't Know" by Patricia Mazzei (español)

Week Seven (May 2): The Special Period

Story #1: "Go Ask God" by Marilyn Bobes (español)

Story #2: "A Tooth for a Tooth" by Nancy Alonso (español)

Article: "How Long Lines Keep Porto's Bakery Affordable—and Growing"

Week Eight (May 9):

Article: "Twelve Things Not to Do in Cuba" by Catherine Forth

Article: "Cubans Finding Comfort, Nostalgia in Russian Products" by Nora Gámez Torres for the Miami Herald (español)

Article: "Ten Tips for Traveling to Cuba" by Ted Henken

Article: "A How-To Guide to Visiting Cuba that Finally Makes Sense" by Mara Sofferin, for CNN